Fishing for Bluefin Tuna with
November 10, 2022

As many of you are already aware by following our Facebook page, we had a great bluefin fishing charter with the gang from Bloodydecks and Brandon from Okuma last summer. It was an absolute blast and we couldn't have asked for better guests. Since their charter with us, they have done a few pretty cool things:


First, Bloodydecks created a slideshow from their trip that really captures how awesome a bluefin tuna fishing charter with us can be: 


Next, Brandon Cotton from Okuma produced a pretty cool video from the trip (in the header banner above too):


Finally, in January 2012, Bloodydecks launched a contest to win a PEI bluefin tuna fishing charter with them and us in the summer of 2012! Check it out at: 


We are looking forward to more blufin tuna fishing adventures with Bloodydecks and Okuma in the summer of 2012!! Stay tuned!


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