Tony's Tuna Fishing boasts the largest bluefin tuna fishing charter fleet in PEI! Aside from being courteous and friendly, all of our Captains are certified in CPR and marine first-aid. Meet our 6 Captains:

Captain Tony MacDonald has been a fisherman for over 21 years and is a founding member of the Prince Edward Island Tuna Charter Boat Association. After graduating from the University, Tony came back home and bought a fishing outfit and began his career fishing lobster, tuna, herring, and mackeral. Tony purchased his fleet in 1996. Tony is also a volunteer firefighter.

Captain Bradley "Buck" MacDonald has been fishing for over 20 years. He fished lobster with his older brother Tony for seven years and has captained his own fleet since 2004. Buck partnered with Tony for many years as the reel man , so this Captain knows how to bring them back to the boat! Buck is also a volunteer firefighter. He purchased a new boat in 2015. Buck was a Tuna Cup Challenge winner in 2015.

Captain Kurt Harris started fishing with his father at the age of 15 and has been running his own boat since 2007. Kurt started fishing with Tony's Tuna Fishing last season and enjoyed a lot of success with a high hook-up rate and happy charter customers - Kurt knows tuna! Kurt is also a volunteer fireman and was a Tuna Cup Challenge winner in 2016.

Captain Wayne Campbell brings a ton of experience to the company with over 30 years of fishing these same grounds that we hunt bluefin today! He bought a new boat in 2017. You want be disappointed when fishing with Wayne and his first mate who is his brother. Wayne is also a volunteer fireman.

Terry is no stranger to battling giant bluefin with over 30 years of experience - a trade perfected from fishing with his father as a young man. Terry has been running his own boat since 2002. He has worked with captain Wayne Campbell for many years.

Captain Terry Mallard saw his first tuna at the very young age of 8 while fishing with his Dad. Since then Terry has gained over 25 years experience in every part of the fishing industry and has acquired an abundance of knowledge regarding giant bluefin tuna. Terry was also mate last year with Captain Wayne and had a very successful season with Tony’s Tuna Fishing.

L'il Miss Maddy, All For A Buck, Frayed Knot, Shelling It Out *Again*, Cindy MAE 1, and East Point Sunrise are all modern and powerful vessels that offer all of the comforts of home including hot water, microwave, table, bunks, washroom, furnace, 120 volt power and coolers. They are as equally equipped on the technical side with three VHF radios, a 32 mile radars, dual frequency color sounders, chart plotters, and a computerized Max-Sea system for bottom charting. 


Also, all of our boats are Transport Canada inspected, meaning all safety equipment has been tested, stability tests have been successfully completed, and all mandatory fire fighting equipment is on board.

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