July 2012 Bluefin Tuna Fishing/Charter Report
November 10, 2022

It is tough to compare against last July when we witnessed a high level of bluefin tuna action for so early in the season. We were literally feeding the tuna from the boat from the first day of charters right up until the early weeks of October. Having said that, 2012 has gotten off to a very good start and July provided some exciting bluefin tuna fishing for our charters and did not disappoint! The water temperatures have been a little cooler than this time last year at around 65-68 degrees and we are noticing that the bait fish is a little slower to make its way into our fishing grounds. But make no mistake - the giant bluefin tuna are here!


On our first charter of the year, we were certainly had our hands full in the hunt for these giants, so we pulled out a little something that we haven't tried in years - we went trolling with squid! Sure enough, we got a strike and got the 2012 season off to a great start. We are still relying religously on our gear of choice with the Okuma MK 80WII reels and Mustad Demon Perfect Circle hooks. 


We have seen some new charter clients so far this year and have been lucky enough to welcome back our good friends at BDOutdoors.com .

BDOutdoors getting some action and great footage

Another BD bluefin catch and release!

Not the biggest tuna so far this season at approximately 500 lbs, but what a beauty!

Shawn Batise with the shot of the season so far!


Tony and Buck